From Pi Day to Saint Patrick’s Day! What a week. On Monday, classes took part in some awesome learning about circumference!

Prayer Partners met for some Saint Patrick’s Day crafts and snacks!

Second graders were engineers designing a bridge that could hold a pot of gold! They had to draw blueprints, build, conduct trials and redesign.

Fifth Graders completed their Breads of the World Project in Technology. Each student chose a country and gathered information about that country, such as: Location, Main Geographic Features, Population, Favorite Foods, and Culture. They also had to find out the favorite bread of the country and give the ingredients, how it is made, how it is used and how they imagine it would smell, feel and taste. Some of the countries the students chose were Italy, Greece, Germany, France, Ireland, Spain and Poland. They even received freshly baked bread courtesy of Joe Leones! YUM!

Eighth graders received the shirts they designed and came to the office to show them off! Yes, they are a cast of characters:)

We announced Students of Character today for our Wall of Superheroes! Teachers nominated students they felt demonstrated excellent character this week. What an outstanding group of superheroes!

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