It’s been a fantastic week here at SPS. First, prayers for Ukraine abound. Here is our 5th grade class showing love and support for the Ukrainian people, and we are praying for them and for peace each day.

Each class is participating  in Stations of the Cross weekly in our school Chapel as we prepare our hearts on our journey toward Easter.

In PreK 4, students were using their imaginations to create animals out of different shapes. Some made lions and cats out of circles, and others made dinosaurs and penguins out of rectangles. Great little artists with wonderful imaginations!

Our PreK 3 students made Jello in honor of the letter J!! They had so much fun pouring and stirring, and of course, eating!!

As usual, the Science Lab is full of activity and amazing hands-on learning. Our 7th Graders presented as meteorologists, our 8th Graders used Slinkys to demonstrate different types of seismic waves that cause earthquakes, and our 5th Graders created projects on the different types of energy, and then moved into landforms! Our fabulous science program provides students with so many opportunities to explore, discover and create.

The 4th Graders used STEM to create a Leprechaun Village. They were encouraged to collaborate, design, plan, and reflect while they worked on their Irish Top Hats, Lucky Coin Boxes and Leprechauns! They also wrote Irish Limericks!

This past Sunday, our JV Boys won the Division B Basketball Championship! So many of us were there to cheer on the team to victory and it was a great afternoon. Dylan S. was named MVP. Congratulations to the whole team!!

Art class is always fun and a place of creative expression! Here are our 1st Grade creations.

Today, our 7th and 8th Graders participated in the Winter Olympics! Luge, hockey, skating and curling were the events of the day, and a fabulous time of friendly competition was had by all.

The teachers and staff all took part in a very special event today – a Surprise Baby Shower for our 3rd Grade teacher, Mrs. Ginetto! We are so happy for her and her family and wish them all of God’s blessings!


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