Saint Peter School offers both a PreK 3 Program and a PreK 4 Program. 

Our high quality, well-rounded PreK programs focus on early learning skills in a Christ centered, loving, nurturing environment.


PreK 3:
Option 1: Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Option 2: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Option 3: Tuesday and Thursday 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM

PreK 4: Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Early drop-off option: 7:30 AM
Extended Care available for PreK students from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Important Information:
Age requirement: Children must be 3 or 4 years old by October 1, 2024.
Potty training is required.
Please submit immunization records before the start of school.

PreK 3:
The PreK 3 curriculum focuses on language, social, physical, and cognitive development. Students actively engage in activities to improve gross and fine motor skills. Fine-motor activities such as drawing, cutting, coloring, and gluing enhance skills necessary for writing and coordinating movements. Lessons also emphasize social skills like sharing, turn-taking, cooperative play, transitioning, and following classroom rules. Our PreK 3 program combines learning through interactive and fun experiences within a loving and Christ-centered environment.

PreK 4:
Our PreK 4 program prepares children for kindergarten by teaching important skills such as sharing, following directions, colors, shapes, counting to 100, number identification and writing (up to 20), simple addition and subtraction, letter identification and writing, sight words, patterns, and rhyming. Children enjoy learning through play, center time, singing, and various activities.

Our program features certified teachers, a dedicated classroom aide, and follows the curriculum set by the Diocesan Department of Catholic Education.

The comprehensive curriculum includes Religion, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Music, Art, Technology, Physical Education, Health, Personal and Social Development. Additional learning opportunities include simple coding and exploring robots.

*All PreK students are required to wear the St. Peter School Gym Uniform.*


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Take advantage of our special low pricing! For more information or to register your child, please contact the school office at 732-892-1260.



Saint Peter’s Pre K is an amazing program! Two of my children have been in the program and absolutely loved it. Throughout the year, I was able to see so much growth, both academically and socially in my children. I credit so much of their growth in PreK to Mrs. A and Mrs. B’s wonderful teaching and the caring environment they have created in their classroom. I would (and have) highly recommend Saint Peter’s Pre-K to other families. Thank you, Saint Peter’s, Mrs. A and Mrs. B for providing such a great program for our children!

-The Klein Family 


First off, Mrs. A and Mrs. B are amazing teachers. They care so much about the kids, and truly treat them like they are their own. When we went to Back to School Night, we were blown away by the curriculum. It’s not just like any preschool. It’s so much more than what we expected! Our youngest daughter will now be attending St. Peter’s preschool program after the experience we have had!   

-The Wagner Family


The Saint Peter’s Pre-K Program is committed to providing quality instruction in a safe, welcoming environment under the direction of caring, professional teachers. Our child not only loves to go to school each day, but is excited about learning! He is encouraged to explore new concepts in an interactive classroom setting, and is building the social and emotional skills necessary to be Kindergarten-ready.  The Pre-K Program has a wonderful classroom structure with curriculum rooted in the Catholic faith. We are so happy to have made the choice to be a part of the Saint Peter’s family! 

⁃ The Calpini Family 


The PreK 4 Program at St. Peter School is everything you’d hope for and more! Mrs. A and Mrs. B are warm, nurturing teachers who welcome the students and their families to an amazing learning environment and school community. They get to know each student as an individual and help them to achieve their academic and social emotional goals. The program has a wonderful structure and routine that gives the students an opportunity to engage in whole group lessons, small group activities and independent work. The daily communication and pictures shared with the families enhance the home and school connection. As parents, we have nothing but positives to share about the PreK 4 Program and very highly recommend it! 

-The Oleske Family


Saint Peter Pre-K 4 program is the best preparation for your child who is preparing for kindergarten. The option of full days with dedicated teachers gives your child strong fundamentals needed for the next year. Your child will not only receive top education, but the love & commitment from the Saint Peter Community!

-The Juliano Family


My son is currently attending the Saint Peter Pre-K Program and I am beyond thrilled with the program. As an educator, I researched so many programs in the area. When we found Saint Peter’s and took a tour of the school and classroom, we knew it was a fit. The classroom is warm and welcoming. It mirrors a classroom that many students will attend as kindergartners, which made my son so excited to start school!

As parents, we receive a Theme and Activity Newsletter which outlines the social, emotional, and educational components that my son learns on a weekly basis. I am constantly impressed by Mrs. A & Mrs. B’s ability to stay in constant contact with parents. When I receive a photo of my son learning in the classroom (sitting at his own desk), it truly makes my day. I have personally witnessed a maturity and growth in my son since he started attending this program. He has built relationships with his friends, learned how to interact with his teachers, and follow the classroom rules. I often tell my friends and family that Mrs. A. is the ideal Pre-K teacher, she is patient, kind, and approachable. I highly recommend this program for anyone looking for a full-day Pre-K program with interactive learning. 

-The Jaeger Family


Choosing Saint Peter’s Pre-K 4 program was one of the best decisions we could make for our son. The large and creative space to learn, engage and interact with classmates has made a big impact on our child’s academic growth this year. The patience and kind, inviting demeanor the teachers have given throughout this year is unmatched. We are so thankful for the invested and caring teachers that truly took the time to build a curriculum that provides support and encourages growth academically and socially.

-Christie & David Kircher


My family cannot say enough wonderful things about the preschool program. The teachers are so loving and kind.  They incorporate so much learning, growth and fun.  Our twins are students there now and our little one will be sure to follow in their footsteps.  We couldn’t be happier with the community at St Peter School. 

Thank you Mrs. A and Mrs. B for making this school year so great for our kids!

-Melissa Cunningham


We have had such an amazing experience at Saint Peters School. We have a daughter in Pre-K and the educational experience has exceeded our expectations tremendously. The teachers genuinely care and put in so much effort. The best part about Saint Peters is that they care about more than just the academics and also focus on our daughters emotional, spiritual, and overall well being. Saint Peters is truly a place that offers it all and fosters an amazing education. Since we have registered our child for pre k 3 a year and a half ago, we have felt like we are part of a wonderful family. Every day our child comes home with a smile, a fun story about her day, and more knowledge than when we dropped her off. Saint Peters school feels like home to her and that is all we could ever want.

-The White Family


Mrs. Appice’s Pre-K 4 class has been the BEST first school experience I could ever ask for my daughter!  Mrs. A and Mrs. B go above and beyond to ensure the children feel loved and safe. They show compassion and express so much kindness with the most genuine hearts. My daughter is no longer apprehensive about school, in fact, she loves it! To know she is in the most wonderful hands while at school is truly a blessing. Thank you Mrs. A and Mrs. B for all you do! 

-The Riley Family