PRE-K: Ali Gilbertson

Megan Miller

Jamie Schuck


KINDERGARTEN Gina Rehrer-Philipp

Melody Mckelvey

Veronica Natoli-Conway


Grade 1: Anita O’Neill

Meredith Palumbo


Grade 2 Coleen Louden

Kevin Walsh

Jamie Schuck


Grade 3 Lori Colucci

Dawn Kokes

Grade 4 Colie Pypcznski

Amy Ryan

Grade 5 Kevin Walsh

Lynn D’Angelo

Grade 6 Meredith Palumbo

Linda Rehrer

Grade 7 Heather Harm

Debbie Smith-Matta

Grade 8 Michele Gioia

Vickie Hoffman

Becky Piemonte

Class Parent Responsibilities

  • To assist the teachers in the arrangement of activities for the children of Saint Peter School.
  • To assist the PTA with activities during the school year.
  • To act as a liaison at times where immediate communication amongst all school families is necessary.
  • Act as the “welcome wagon” to new families in the class.

Class Parent Guidelines

  • Please register in the office when arriving at school for assigned activities.
  • All written communication by the class parents to the class must be approved by the coordinator and Principal.
  • Cooperation and communication amongst each other and the Teacher is imperative.
  • Confidentiality is imperative when working with teachers and students.
  • When using items from the PTA closet, please return items to their proper place.
  • Receptions are coordinated by the Hospitality Committee. A member of that committee will contact the assigned class parents no later then 2 weeks prior to the event.
  • In the event of an emergency or in the need of an immediate communication, each family will receive ONE phone call.

Your involvement is this program is vital to the Teacher and to the success of Saint Peter School. If you should have any questions, please contact the Class Parent coordinator. Thanks to parents like you, Saint Peter School is the most wonderful, caring and nurturing environment for children in our local area.