The Social Studies curriculum is an integrated study of the social sciences and humanities. Consistent with the teachings and principles of the Catholic Church, students will develop the skills and intellectual curiosity needed to understand the events that have shaped our nation.

Students are encouraged to become life-long reflective thinkers. The aim of the curriculum is to enable students to understand the past, to apply it to the present, and create a better future. The goals are:

  • To develop critical thinking skills through effective decision-making procedures and problem-solving opportunities which emphasize Catholic values.
  • To develop an appreciation of the various factors that have shaped the world (historic, geographic, economic, social, and technical).
  • To develop an appreciation, awareness, and respect for diverse religious, ethnic, and cultural lifestyles by incorporating their respective arts and humanities as they impact on past, present, and future events.
  • To develop the skills necessary to understand Social Studies concepts (maps, globe, time lines, tables, charts, and diagrams).
  • To develop an understanding of local, national, and global current events.
  • To understand political systems, local, national, and international, including the structure and function of different levels of government, to encourage responsible participation/citizenship in a democratic society.
  • To integrate Language Arts processes within the Social Studies curriculum through essay writing and research techniques.