Student Council Officers for the 2019-2020 School Year are…


Historian: Sophia G.

Treasurer: Thomas B.

Secretary: Fletcher H.

Vice President: Avery H.

President: Michael T.

Congratulations to the new officers and thank you to all who ran for office. I hope to see your names on the ballot for Governor in September.


Student Council

Governors and Alternates


Kindergarten- Jules B. and West M.

Grade 1- Dominic N.

Grade 2- Aadi P. and Bridget H.    Alternate – Adam H.

Grade 3- CJ M. and Emma M.   Alternate- Max K.

Grade 4 – Ricky H. and Josie M.  Alternate Vincent N.

Grade 5- Cole B. and Aubree P.   Alternate- Addison D.

Grade 6- Nolan H. and Lucas D.

Grade 7- Brady B. and Tori H.

Grade 8- Abagail E. and Jack H.   Alternate Liam H.



Student Council is proud to sponsor the Kindness Challenge for the 2019-2020 school year school year. Every month there will be a different challenge with individual students winning a chance for a dress down day or in the case of Kindergarten, a special snack. Classes that have the highest participation rate will win the spirit stick for the month. Watch the Communication Folder and listen to the end of the day announcements for details.

Our First Challenge will be attendance at  Run for The Fallen- check back next week for complete details !