It’s so hard to believe that April is here – time is really flying now. Amazing things are happening here at Saint Peter School. Check out our middle school scientists. Fifth grade is working on erosion. Sixth grade is using water, milk, and a flashlight to represent the atmosphere, gases and the sun to explain a red moon in a total lunar eclipse. Seventh grade is exploring the effects of aquatic plants on the amount of carbon dioxide and water. Eighth graders are using beans to investigate the wing traits of the Hawaiian fruit fly population. What phenomenal work goes on in our Science Lab!

Our 2nd Graders are singing in preparation for their First Holy Communion. They sound like precious angels. They also planted flowers today and did a cool experiment to germinate seeds in a plastic glove through the condensation that will take place!

Our PreK 3 students are busy counting and identifying numbers.

Our Fifth Grade class spearheaded a Solidarity for Ukraine campaign. The entire school demonstrated empathy and love for our fellow human beings, and raised $820!!

Here are our Superheroes of Character from last week and this week! Our students consistently display kindness and are always ready to help other students and their teachers! We are very proud!


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