This week our Kindergarten and 1st Grade classes took a little field trip to Jenkinson’s Aquarium. They had a wonderful day!

We had a fabulous day in PreK 4 on Wednesday!! Father Pedro, Father Marek, and I, along with a few helpers made individual pizzas with the students to enjoy for lunch. The little chefs were amazing, and we even sang “That’s amore” while working.

Grade 7 Social Studies invited math expert,  Mrs. Tancona, into class to discuss the difference between majority and plurality in elections. What great team collaboration!

Mrs. Cooper and Grade 6 had their own Final Four! As an integrated Language Arts and Social Studies project, students teamed up to research an assigned ancient empire or civilization. They needed to know the strengths and the weaknesses of the opposing empire in order to conquer it. There were 3 fabulous rounds of presentations from Google slides: Ancient Civilization and Empire March Madness!

Grade 5 Integrated Language Arts is reading the novel Rules, by Cynthia Lord. They are learning about people with disabilities and created picture cards like one of the nonverbal characters in the book.  They tried to communicate only with these cards and continued to learn compassion for others.

In continuing our Students of Character theme, teachers are handing out tickets to students caught being great role models and students of character. these tickets can be used to guess how many jelly beans are in the jar. Winners will receive a little prize before Easter break. Our wonderful students are having fun and continue to demonstrate traits of good character on a daily basis.

On Thursday, our PreK 4 and 5th Grade Prayer Partners had some Easter fun while dyeing eggs together. They enjoyed some reading time as well while waiting for their turn. It’s so beautiful to see them interacting, and they truly care about one another!

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