This week, we celebrated All Saint’s Day with a live streamed Mass from the Chapel led by our 4th graders. Our Kindergarten Saints also spent some time in the Chapel to pray. On Tuesday, it was all about elections as our PreK students voted for their favorite fruit, and our kindergarteners voted Donkeys versus Elephants. Our 4th graders have been busy in Science class, learning about electron transfer with a fun activity involving balloons! On Friday, our 1st graders presented their Pumpkin Saint Projects. They researched their chosen Saint and learned all about patron saints, feast days and many other interesting facts. Well done!! The 7th graders put their knowledge of ecosystems, and abiotic/biotic factors to the test at Jenkinson’s Aquarium. They also had a little visit from Tortellini (see picture)! Our Student Council ran a Penny War and raised over $1200 to help a family from another school! That’s the way our SPS Saints always pull together to help those in need. Autumn Blessings! Mrs. Kobrin

All Saint’s Day

Election Day: PreK 4 & Kindergarten

4th Grade Science

1st Grade Saint Projects

7th Grade at Jenkinson’s Aquarium

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