Another great week at SPS! Our students and teachers are working hard each and every day on some great lessons! In 7th Grade Social Studies, students presented their Current Events, and today,  participated in the Boston Tea Party!  In 5th Grade Language Arts, students presented their Demonstration Speeches.

This week in PreK 4, the students had so much fun playing a mitten matching game with their first and last names. They searched for mittens hidden around the classroom and once they found the mittens with their first and last name written on them, they decorated them.  Students also had so much fun identifying the parts of a clock and practicing telling time with their homemade clocks! SPS PreK is an awesome place to be!

Our 2nd Graders spent some beautiful time in our School Chapel this morning attending Mass with Father Marek. Our stained glass windows are finally in and are absolutely gorgeous!

Blessings…Mrs. Kobrin

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