Each January brings about fresh beginnings and a year filled with new opportunities and new challenges. I love the promise of the New Year and all the possibilities that exist for our children here at Saint Peter School. As we welcome 2022, we will continue to strive for excellence and to be ever mindful of our mission to serve others and to spread Gospel values. Blessings – Mrs. Kobrin

Great things have been happening in our Science Lab – 6th graders experiment with regrowth and 7th graders explore cloud formation.

In the Technology Lab, our Kindergartners earned their Hour of Code Certificates for completing Puppy Adventure from the Tynker Coding Program! In the classroom, they investigated properties of water.

Our 5th Grade Math and Advanced Math classes are working together on Tessellations for their Geometry Unit.

PreK 4 did a fabulous job on their kindness project in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. They learned about caring for others, helping one another, doing their very best and to always believe in their dreams!

Our 2nd graders practiced mindfulness through guided meditation this week. They also crafted mugs of hot cocoa and in the marshmallows wrote about things that warm their hearts and bring them joy!

This week, PreK 3 made watercolor snowflakes and also learned about Martin Luther King, Jr. They made necklaces that say, “We Believe in Peace” and signed a promise to use their hands to make the world a better place!


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