What a busy and wonderful week at SPS! On Tuesday, we celebrated the Feast of Saint Francis with our amazing Friars! The whole school went to Mass and then presented the Friars with the traditional “Poor Man’s Cake.” We are grateful for the support and spiritual guidance our Franciscan Friars have always given us here at Saint Peter School. Kindergarten had their stuffed animals blessed, and later in the day, all students enjoyed ice cream treats courtesy of our fantastic PTA!

Father Nick then visited PreK 4 to bless their stuffed animals!

The Science Lab is just as busy as ever. Our 5th Graders learned about osmosis using potatoes!

Six graders learn how to calculate speed by using the formula speed equals distance divided by time. They worked with marbles and cars, figured out their distance in meters by using meter sticks or the trundle wheel and also used their computer timer for how long it took for either their marble or car to go from point A to point B. They also created their own ramps to learn more about forces and speed.

Our 8th Graders are very busy caring for our resident fish and reptiles!

Wednesday, October 5th was World Teacher’s Day! We celebrate and appreciate our amazing teachers everyday throughout the year!



First Graders are busy at work with the Wilson Language Program and are doing a fabulous with their letters and letter sounds!

Kindergarteners used magnifying glasses to explore sunflowers and their seeds. They even took some home to plant! I just love visiting the classroom!!

On Friday, our 8th graders were Freshmen for the Day at Saint Rose High School. They had a wonderful and informative day as they look forward to choosing a high school for their next adventure! 




Autumn Blessings — Mrs. Kobrin

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