We have been so busy this week! PreK 3 learned all about the letter T and completed a cute turtle craft. They also worked on pictures for the Firefighters who will be visiting! Finally, the new PreK 3 bulletin board arrived and is all set up with their beautiful work. PreK 4 brought their stuffed animals in for a special blessing on the Feast of Saint Francis. It was a wonderful occasion outside, and the children presented Father Pedro and Father Marek with a “poor man’s cake” in honor of the special day. Third graders worked on “How-To” writing! They are teaching others how to do things they are experts in doing. This week, they used the peer editing strategy, “Glow and Grow”  to tell their partners what really shined in their writing and what they can work on before they publish. On Thursday, the third grade continued their classes at the aquarium and learned how to calculate how much each penguin should eat! They converted ounces to pounds and weighed out the fish! What an enriching learning experience! The fourth graders created the most amazing book reports to demonstrate their understanding of the “The BFG” by Roald Dahl. These beautiful and unique book reports are truly worthy of display! Our wonderful PTA was so generous to provide students with ice cream treats in honor of the feast day of Saint Francis of Assisi, and fifth graders showed their appreciation with thank you cards. Sixth graders are doing a great job learning about Newton’s Laws of Motion. They did excellent work proving their math skills to solve problems on force, acceleration, and momentum! They used triple beam balances and checked their predictions on the masses of certain objects. Our 8th graders spent some time outdoors also celebrating the Feast of Saint Francis and enjoyed some classwork out in the gorgeous fall weather. In technology, the kindergarten class used their imaginations to create fantastic fall pictures on the computer. The soccer unit started in physical education, and the students learned skills and techniques with games like “Crabs & Lobsters.” What fun! Autumn Blessings! Mrs. Kobrin

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