Happy October! The crisp autumn air feels amazing, and the students are feeling refreshed with walks outside and wide open windows. We had a fantastic week to end September and begin October. On Tuesday, Father Marek and I both happened to visit PreK 4 at the same time while they were in the courtyard for snack and activities. Father Marek spoke about Saint Francis and invited the children to bring in their stuffed animals for a blessing. PreK 3 had a special delivery making the classroom very inviting, cozy, bright. After working through some technology glitches with our new Spanish program, we’re off to a great start working with our remote Guatemalan teachers. On Wednesday, 5th graders were engrossed in the lesson and repeating back some Spanish phrases. Thursday was a great day for some prayer partners to meet. PreK 4 and the 5th graders met in the courtyard and made friendship bracelets! It was a beautiful sight! To end the week, Kindergarten had Mass in the school Chapel and celebrated the Feast of Saint Francis. They brought in their stuffed animals for a special blessing and presented our wonderful Franciscan Friars with a cake in honor of this special day. Warm Blessings – Mrs. Kobrin

PreK 4 with Father Marek                                                               PreK 3                                                         5th Grade Spanish

Prayer Partners – PreK 4 & 5th

Kindergarten Mass – Feast of St. Francis

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