Every week is filled with so much learning and fun! Check out these science labs: 6th grade is studying electromagnets and the 7th grade explored molecules, electrolysis and the Hindenburg Explosion!





On Wednesday, our 8th graders enjoyed a little fresh air and a birthday treat before heading in for lunch.

PreK 3 is learning all about their shapes and colors with a  fun game of jumping on the shape and color that has been called out. They also got into the Halloween spirit and made skeletons out of Q-tips! 

Our 4th Graders explored Matter by making Root Beer Floats! Students made predictions on how the states of matter would change and discussed the solids, liquids and gases while scooping out the ice cream, dropping it into the root beer, and making observations. What a delicious way to learn!

1st grade is learning all about hurricanes in science class! These little architects and engineers designed their own hurricane proof buildings! 

Students had a blast in physical education classes this week with some Halloween themed games – Pumpkin Patch Circuit Training and Vampires vs. Garlic!

Our 1st and 7th Grade Prayer Partners had the chance to get together this past Friday – They enjoyed a beautiful afternoon outside while interviewing each other to find out more about one another!

On Thursday, 7th Grade Advanced Math Students used indirect measurement to calculate actual heights.

Also on Thursday at Jenkinson’s Aquarium, our 3rd Graders learned all about threats to marine life and did an activity to see how much plastic is ingested by birds when they scoop up their food! They also discussed how they can play an important role in helping.

Our Student Council Officers and Governors were inducted on Thursday and Father Marek blessed the pins. Congratulations to our new officers: President: Jules B.; Vice President: Emma M.; Secretary: CJ M.; Treasurer: Cole B.; Historian: Aubree P.

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