What a great week back after a wonderful, relaxing break! In the Science Lab this week, our 7th Grade students were very busy investigating gravity and air resistance speeds AND also explored the invisible forces of attraction and repulsion. Our 5th Graders planted lettuce seeds and basil and plan to get our Tower Garden going again (so excited)!

We also have some new little friends in the lab and the students are taking very good care of them!!

God bless our 8th Graders on receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation. We were honored to have the Most Reverend Bishop O’Connell preside, and it was such a beautiful ceremony.

Today our 5th Graders formed Computer Repair Teams and took apart, cleaned out and put back together computers from the Tech Lab!

Today, our 2nd Graders put their green thumbs to work as they transferred their snow pea sprouts to a planter and also planted flower bulbs near the entrance to the school!

Congratulations to Ayla E. who won a $500 scholarship in the Diocesan PTA Youth Tuition Scholarship Contest in the Grade 4-5 Monmouth-Ocean Division. Her beautiful essay was based on the question, “How has your Catholic School helped you learn, serve, lead and succeed?” Congratulations, Ayla!!

Our Superhero Students of Character for the week:

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