We had another great week at SPS! It was wonderful to see all of the parents at Back to School Night for K-8 on Wednesday and PreK on Thursday, we had our first Prayer Partner Mass of the year, our littlest Saints are getting used to school routines, and learning is happening everywhere!

Grade 2 and 8 Prayer Partners loved meeting earlier in the week and then attending Mass together on Thursday.

2nd Grade is also doing a great job with their Wilson Fundations to become outstanding readers!

Kindergarten had a fabulous week enjoying centers, getting Library books, doing an art project and making letters out of Play Doh.

Kindergarten also enjoyed sitting among the MUMs just delivered for the PTA fundraiser.

4th Graders had a Meet & Greet with their new Prayer Partners, PreK 4B. They had so much fun talking about what they have been learning and the new friends they’re making!

5th Graders learned about the Beatitudes in Religion class and the 50 States in Social Studies!
7th Graders did projects on Molecules in Science class.

This week, on the “lower deck,” the Guidance lesson was “a little spot on belonging.”  Here, 2nd graders made their name tags and learned how to build confidence and making others fee they belong. As they finished their name tags they all signed up and sat on the carpet showing they all joined the family!

PreK 4A is so excited about the first day of autumn! They read the book, Changing Seasons, learned a new song to sing at the park, and used tissue paper to create their very own autumn leaves in Art Center.
Blessings….Mrs. Kobrin

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