November is a time to bring to mind all that we are grateful for and to extend a helping hand to others. This week, our 7th and 8th graders helped deliver almost 300 Thanksgiving bags that were filled by parishioners to St. Gregory’s Food Pantry.

On Election Day, we had many elections throughout the building. PreK 3 polled the school and took votes on favorite dessert. Ice cream won! PreK 4 voted on favorite fruit and the apple won! Kindergarten voted on the Elephant or the Donkey and the Donkey won!

In Science class, 5th Graders are observing seeds and then planting them for the hydroponic garden tower! You will be amazed at what will grow!

Our 6th Graders are studying the Phases of the Moon in their Science class!

In Art class, 1st and 2nd Graders learned about Pointillism and dot painted autumn trees using Q-tips. What fabulous artwork we have hanging around the school!

Our 3rd Graders continue their study of penguins at Jenkinson’s Aquarium. They learned about penguin “superpowers”  (all the amazing things they can do). Then they were assigned a penguin and had to observe it, write down their observations, and draw their penguin highlighting its superpower.

Today, we had the first Rah Rah of the year! The Thanksgiving Food Tray Relay Race was a blast and congratulations to our 1st Graders to winning the Rah Rah stick!!! Thanks to Mrs. Bove and the Student Council for planning this awesome event!

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