Blessings and warm wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving break. I hope you enjoy family and friends and time making special memories.

In Library, the 6th Graders are constructing a card game or board game with the theme of the books they read!


In 3rd Grade, students went for their 5th visit to Jenkinson’s Aquarium and learned about the threats facing penguins. They engaged in an activity demonstrating that penguins in search of fish, may also pick up plastic and other harmful items. Students then brainstormed ways in which we can help keep the environment safe and clean.

First Graders enjoyed a Thanksgiving Breakfast Feast!

Kindergarteners enjoyed a full Thanksgiving Feast and it was delicious!!!

Our 2nd Graders engaged in a fabulous STREAM Project – constructing a safe haven for the turkey NOT to be found until after Thanksgiving! I loved seeing their creative designs!

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Thanksgiving Blessings!!! Mrs. Kobrin

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