As we hope for an early spring, PreK 4A & B made their predictions for Ground Hog Day! Most of them predicted no shadow, and they were correct! Now let’s hope that spring will be here soon!

In Art class, 8th Grade made cross mosaics as part of their lesson on Byzantine art and 3rd Grade sculpted foods out of clay as part of their lesson on form as an element of art.

Our 6th Graders completed their Artemis projects and coded the Photon Robot to orbit the moon and land at the base camp. They were so excited with their successful orbits and landing!

Our 8th Graders explore plate tectonics in the lab.

7th Graders explore plant transpiration using our very own tower garden.

Grade 6 and Kindergarten Prayer Partners had a great time with their Valentine’s Day themed crafts.

Our Kindergarten class is predicting the winner of the big game this weekend……they say the 49ers!!!!! We shall see – they are often right!

Blessings…Mrs. Kobrin

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