It was another wonderful week here at SPS with new and exciting news.

While the students had a holiday on Monday, the teachers were hard at work learning (and playing) with Photon robots for our STREAM program. It was a fantastic day of learning and teamwork, and everyone is so excited to implement new ideas into the classroom.

Mrs. Baglivio couldn’t wait to share the Photon with the students and so Kindergarten was the very first to use them! They were so thrilled to each be able to do some simple coding to create a unique path for the robot to travel. It was wonderful to see their joy as the robot traveled where they had coded it to go!

Our 3rd Graders did an amazing job on their Food Chain projects!

Students in 5th Grade ILA class put the finishing touches on their demonstration speeches. Students wrote step by step instructions on how to do something they are experts at.  Our experts will then show the class how it’s done!

Our PreK 4 students were busy working on their rectangle projects cutting out different size rectangles and pasting them in order from largest to smallest.

Finally, I am so thrilled to share that we applied for and received a grant from the Fisher Family Fund in the amount of $10,000 for new technology! Our Surface Pros and teacher computers are becoming obsolete after many years of use, and we feel so blessed and appreciative to be the recipient of this major grant. Special thanks to Mr. DePazza and Mrs. Cooper for working on the application to make this happen for our school.

Blessings….Mrs. Kobrin



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