Greetings! I hope you are all having a happy and SAFE summer!

We are still in very uncertain times, but I’m so looking forward to seeing all of you in September, and meeting some new students!

You have received guidelines from the Diocese for school-wide procedures and safety precautions. I have sent emails to all students with the codes for our Google Classroom rooms. The codes for the Google Meets for each class are in each Classroom header. 

Stay safe, and God Bless!


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Welcome to Ms. DaCosta’s Class!


We will be covering a wide range of Math and Science topics.

All subjects will include working with graphs, charts, and tables!

Be sure to check in with my Google Classroom pages for assignments throughout the school year.

6th Grade Science

Matter: states, properties and changes, measurements

Atoms: atomic structure, The Periodic Table, elements, compounds and molecules

Forces and Motion: balanced and unbalanced, speed, velocity and acceleration, Newton’s Laws, simple machines

7th Grade Science

Tree Observation

Living Things: Biotic vs. abiotic, characteristics of living things

Ecology: interactions between organisms, food chains and webs, organism project

Cells and cell processes: the microscope, The Cell Theory, prokaryotic vs. eukaryotic,   parts of a cell, levels of organization

Genetics: Mendel’s research, dominant and recessive traits, genotypes and phenotypes, mutations, Punnett Squares

Evolution: Darwin’s theory, natural selection, adaptations

Plants: parts of a plant, photosynthesis

8th Grade Science

Weather: weather vs. climate, water cycle, clouds, air pressure, storms

Structure of the Earth: layers of the earth, rocks, the rock cycle

Geochemical and Geophysical Cycles: catastrophic events

The Fossil Record: fossils, geologic time

Space: history of astronomy, the moon, solar system, heavenly bodies, the space program

Matter and Energy: speed, velocity acceleration review, simple machines, egg drop,

Waves: characteristics, properties, light and sound

7th Grade Math


Spatial Sense

Proportion, Ratio, Percent



Properties of Multiplication and Addition

Expressions and Equations

Patterns and Functions


8th Grade Math

Absolute Value


Coordinate Plane



Application of Percent

Scale Models

Dimensional Analysis

Equations and Inequalities

Data Analysis