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Technology is growing by leaps and bounds all around us.  Almost everyone has a computer, laptop, PDA or some other type of computing device.  If you’re not savvy to the ways of the computer, then you’re not ready for the future.  Well, at the Technology Center at Saint Peter School, our students not only learn how to use their computers, but delve deep into the different tools available to them and put them to good use during the year.  So, please stop by and take a look at our Technology Center and see our modern, up-to-date equipment.

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Kindergarten & First Grade

The Kindergarten continues to work on their drag and drop skills as well as learning the Alphabet and numbers.  We did the alphabet on the computer and then numbered each letter to see how they match up.  We also had some fun and put our drag and drop skills to good use by creating wonderful Christmas pictures using

First Grade will be starting a new project called the Alphabet Book.  Everyone will create a booklet showing their creative art skills drawing a picture for each letter of the alphabet and spelling the word as well.  We also created some great Christmas pictures which were sent home to decorate your refrigerators.  Hope you enjoyed them.


Grades Two through Five

Second and Third Grade are working on their computer skills by using KidPix and also learning what all the different parts of a computer system and what they do. We took a little break from that and using, created their own Christmas pictures.

Fourth Grade continues with their Google Classroom exercises.  This month we put their knowledge to the test and typed letters using the formatting skills learned so far.  Of course, we also made some wonderful Christmas pictures.   I hope you received one of them.

Fifth Grade did a review of computer vocabulary words and we will put it to the test in December.  There was also some homework which was bringing in examples of the vocab words found in flyers and computer ads.  You will see the results on the Parent Portal.  Did you get a Christmas picture?


Grades Six, Seven and Eight

Grade Six continues learning about Google Slides.  Everyone got up in front of the class and presented their work to their fellow students. We will continue to develop more presentations and practice our presentation skills. They also found time to create beautiful Christmas Cards for their Prayer Partners. 

Grade Seven created word searches for their prayer partners (1st Grade) using their spelling words in the word bank.  Each First Grader will receive their own personalized word search and should have a lot of fun doing them. We’ll be busy creating new ones for them. They also created beautiful Christmas Cards for their Prayer Partners. 

Grade Eight continued their Google Docs skills and learned about formatting Term Papers.  They put all their knowledge into this and now understand about cover pages, centering titles, adding pictures and page numbering.  And yes, everyone created beautiful Christmas Cards for their Prayer Partners. 

Mr. D

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