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Kindergarten & First Grade

The Kindergarten was very creative in February doing dot-to-dot pictures using Kidpix which helps strengthen hand and eye coordination.  We have begun using a very good website which is educational and fun.  Give it a try at home:    

First Grade continued their Alphabet book project writing a word and drawing a picture representing each letter.  At the end of the project we will bind them in a book for display.  When they are done, you can put them away and bring them out when your child is in the Eighth Grade and enjoy.

Grades Two through Five

Second and Third Grade started working on their Internet navigation skills.  The students learned about the different menus like the Address Bar, the Search Bar, and how to type in a URL or web address.  We visited sites like the Saint Peter School site,  and  

Fourth Grade reviewed procedures for properly saving their work to their private files on Google Docs.  This is very important, especially if they need to retrieve the work for future reference. 

Fifth Grade performed an on-line scavenger hunt and created a Google Doc inserting the pictures while labeling each one.  They also tried out the new Sphero robots using the chariots.  They learned how to navigate them and even ran an obstacle course.  Think they had fun?

Grades Six, Seven and Eight

Grade Six continues learning about Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides.  This month everyone is creating a presentation about Pope Francis.  Their research included things like the Pope’s birthday, when he became a priest and a cardinal, what he did for the church and many more items.  They will create a Google Slides presentation using the information they gathered.

Grade Seven created their own electronic Bingo Cards using “tables” and actually played Bingo with them.  They all had fun and learned some new skills at the same time.  They are working on a New Jersey State information document finding things like the capital, who the governor is, state bird, flower, insect, etc.

Grade Eight since it’s a new year everyone needs a calendar, so the Eighth Grade is creating a “Landmarks of the World” calendar.  In groups of Three, the students chose a county, will find 4 landmarks each and using the Calendar Wizard, will put together a calendar showing a picture of the landmark as well as interesting facts about it.

Mr. D

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