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It’s been a very busy and different December getting used to all the challenges but we certainly have adapted well.  Did anyone see the virtual Christmas Pageant?  It was different, but at least the tradition was kept alive.

Mr. D


Kindergarten & First Grade

Kindergarten -We did a review of computer parts and had a little oral quiz to see if everyone could identify the parts.  Everyone did quite well and we will revisit from time to time to keep up to date.  We also had some fun putting our new drag and drop skills to good use by creating wonderful Christmas pictures using

First Grade reviewed their computer parts knowledge and also took a quiz.  Everybody did excellent!  We also created some great Christmas pictures which were sent home to decorate your refrigerators and dinner tables.  Hope you enjoyed them.

Grades Two through Five

Second Grade has been using the iPads on a regular basis and we’re using to study and do review about Technology. Of course, we took a little break and concentrated on Christmas projects.  Hopefully you saw them at home.

Third Grade has been learning about computer viruses and how to avoid getting them on their computers.  They also brought in what anti-virus software they have at home and then took a test about the information they learned about.  They will also take a break and do some Christmas Pictures.

Fourth Grade continues with their Google Docs exercises.  This month we covered bullets and numbering, margins, spell check and formatting pictures.  We will begin typing some letters for your review and signature, so you can see the progress the class is making in word processing.  Of course, we also made some wonderful Christmas pictures.   I hope you received one of them.

Fifth Grade will start reviewing Computer Definitions and will take a test after Thanksgiving break. Look for the results on the Parent Portal.  I’m sure everyone will do just fine.  They’ve been studying very hard.

Grades Six, Seven and Eight

Grade Six is getting very creative with their Google Slides skills including animation, slide transition and hands free presentations. They will be presenting their presentations to their classmates.  I think they’re having fun while learning!

Grade Seven learned about using tables to organize data and make it easy to read.  A few of the projects will be a seating chart for the classroom, a tic tac toe board, and a word search template.  They also created some great word searches for their prayer partners.

Grade Eight used their word processing skills and learned how to format a book report with a cover page, pictures, automatic page numbering, indenting and spell checking.  We also touched upon using subscripts and superscripts to annotate reports when needed.





Mr. D

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