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Catholic Schools week began on Sunday, January 27th and ran till Friday, February 1st.  Thanks to all the volunteers that made it a great week for everyone.  Carnival Day was a blast and I saw a lot of stuffed animals going home! 

Ground Hog Day was Feb. 2nd.  Did he see his shadow?  The word is its going to be an early Spring.  Let’s hope so.

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Kindergarten & First Grade

The Kindergarten reviewed their knowledge of computer parts using the Smart Board.  They were having fun while learning to match up the pictures with the names of the parts by dragging the picture to the name with their fingers.

First Grade – We have begun our Alphabet book project now and each week the students, using a template in KidPix, will create a letter and draw a picture representing the letter. 

Grades Two through Five

Second and Third Grade continued working on their typing skills and second grade also learned about proper CD handling procedures such as the right way to insert and remove a CD.  They also learned how to open and view files on a CD as well. 

Fourth Grade continues with their Microsoft Word exercises, putting their knowledge to the test typing a report on “What I Did on my Christmas Vacation”.  They are also typing letters called the Dear Mom and Dad Series.  You’ll be asked to review and sign them.

Fifth Grade did a review of their computer definitions using the Smart Board using the electronic pens and identifying the definition with the word.  They also took a test on the definitions.  Results are available on the Parent Portal.

Grades Six, Seven and Eight

Grade Six continues learning about Microsoft PowerPoint and created some very impressive animated presentations.  This month everyone will create an animated American Flag while showing the words to the Star Spangled Banner in the red and white stripes and playing the music in time as the words are displayed.

Grade Seven has learned how to create their own Word Searches using “tables”.  Everyone created a special word search for their prayer partners using the First Grade spelling words.  Next, we will begin an Excel project to capture the students’ height and weight in a spreadsheet with the proper heading and format.  From there we will learn how to convert inches to feet and pounds to grams using formulas.

Grade Eight since it’s a new year everyone needs a calendar, so the Eighth Grade is creating a “Landmarks of the World” calendar.  In groups of Three, the students chose a county, will find 4 landmarks each and using the Calendar Wizard, will put together a calendar showing a picture of the landmark as well as interesting facts about it.

Mr. D

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