Saint Peter School







Welcome 2nd Grade Students and Families!


My name is Mrs. Ashley Kimble and I am pleased to be your new 2nd Grade teacher  I look forward to meeting you all and getting to know each one of you.



Virtual Field Trips and other cool sites to check out:

Explore the surface of Mars:

Eagle Cam! Watch the bald eagles and eaglets live!

San Diego Zoo:

Houston Zoo animal cams:

Yellowstone National Park Virtual Tour:



Remember to always check your child’s homework and supply bag each school night. They are to have 3 sharpened pencils, an eraser, glue stick, dry erase marker (preferably fine point), scissors, and crayons each day.



Memorizing addition and subtraction math facts are EXTREMELY important this year. If your child is fluent with their math facts, math will be much easier and enjoyable for them. Please consider using the Xtra Math website at home to practice. The class uses it each each day for 5 minutes of daily math drills. Each student was sent home a paper with how to register. Please ask me if you need this information again.


Some additional math websites I recommend are: 

Counting coins game:

Money Enrichment: This is a fun game of adding money –

Other online math math games to try:

Click on the link below to go to our math book online resources. 

Sadlier Math

Please continue working on addition and subtraction math facts at home. *Addition and subtraction math facts up to 12 need to be memorized.

Here are some great websites to practice math facts:

Xtra Math,,






**First Holy Communion dates:**

(Please stay tuned for upcoming dates and times)

Some additional websites that I recommend: