Welcome To 5th Grade


Thank you for coming to my web page. 

God Bless!

We have been learning so much in 5th grade! First and foremost, students are learning how to be Disciples of Christ every day. They prove this with their kind words and actions towards each other. They are always striving to better themselves in all aspects of their life. In school, they are working diligently in their subject areas. We have been learning about the sacraments and currently are learning about receiving the Holy Spirit in the Sacrament of Confirmation. We are almost done completing a very interesting ecosystem unit in science. In fact, students recently worked collaboratively on food chain projects and did an outstanding job! Students are truly appreciating history and learn that productive change in society takes courage and hard work. They are currently learning about the Women’s Suffrage Movement.


Grades Six through Eight have been enjoying different units in their Discovery Education Program. This inquiry based program gives them the opportunity to explore our world through physical, Earth, space, and life sciences. They engage in exciting experiments and activities. Students complete virtual labs as well. Grade 7 just finished a PBS-Nova Cloud Lab and learned extensive information about storm systems. Grade 6 is currently learning about human body systems as an extension from their Healing Cut Unit on Discovery Ed. Grade 8 just completed learning about paleontology from their Mystery Fossil Discovery Education Unit which extended to interesting evolutionary concepts.

We are always caring about each other and learning here at St Peters.

We keep God in our hearts always which guides us to happiness and peace throughout our days.

5th Grade Specials

Monday: Gym & Library

Tuesday: Spanish

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: Art

Friday: Technology




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