Nature continues to surprise us with its many changes! Our “spy glasses” are fun to use while enjoying the many signs of new life outside the classroom. Inside the classroom we enjoyed watching our caterpillars change into Painted Lady Butterflies.


We have planted our pumpkin seeds that we saved from our class pumpkin!  Hopefully we will have good results come the Fall!

Jenkinson’s Aquarium was a great trip! Seals, Sharks and Penguins were only some of the fun things to see!

The trip to Point Pleasant Beach Library opened us to the wonderful world of books! Please check the many activities the library offers this summer.

How lucky are we that our class can enjoy walking to the firehouse, library, aquarium and the beach. Point Pleasant Beach is a beautiful town!!

We still have activities ahead of us. Track and Field Day is always a big success and we can’t wait for our class B-B-Que.

Our last day of school is June 7th. The end of the year celebration is June 8th at 5:00. It will be held in the gym so there will be room for all your guests. What a great way to stroll down memory lane with songs and pictures! Bring tissues!!