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Have a wonderful and healthy summer.  I hope everyone spends lots of time with their families and friends.


BTW, have you seen our new Weather Station?  It’s easy to find and all the weather information is right at your fingertips.  Please visit it regularly to be sure you have the latest weather. Just click on the icon on our website.

Please remember, you can always contact me or any of the teachers via our web page if you have any questions or would like to see the Technology Center.

Mr. D

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Kindergarten & First Grade
The Kindergarten was very creative while learning how to control the mouse and placing objects on the screen using KidPix.  We did some dot-to-dot exercises and did some fun exercises on  We will be creating some beautiful Easter pictures.  I hope you enjoy them.

First Grade has completed their Alphabet Book project and everyone is doing a terrific job.  We sent them home so you can put them away.  I always tell the parents to take them out when they are in 8th grade.  It’s fun to see how they’ve progressed. Of course, we will create some very cool Easter pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Grades Two through Five
Grades Two and Three are getting quite good at navigating the Internet.  We’ve been using several websites, and  You can try them at home.

Grade Four – will be typing various letters and reports to practice their skills in formatting Microsoft Word and Google Docs documents.  We’ll be sending them home for your review and signature so you can see their progress.

Grade 5 is almost finished their Breads of the World project.  Each student chose a country, finding some interesting facts about the country and then will document them in a PowerPoint Presentation.  Each student will present to their classmates.

Grades Six, Seven & Eight
Grade Six has completed several Microsoft PowerPoint presentations including an American Flag with the words and music to the Star Spangled Banner.   They can bring it home on a flash drive and show you.  They are quite good.  We’ll continue PowerPoint for a few more weeks and then switch over to Excel spreadsheet classes.

Grade Seven will be concentrating on Excel and will be creating spreadsheets showing weights and heights in pounds and inches.  We will learn how to convert them to grams and feet using automated formulas.  Of course the basics will be covered  using formulas to add, subtract, multiply and divide.

Grade 8 has begun a new project called The Olympics.  Each student chose a year for the Olympics and did research on that Olympic competition.  The research included the host country and city, date of the games, pictures representing the games, event highlights and much more.  They will create a tri-fold brochure of their Olympics and it will be on display for our upcoming open house in April.

Mr. D
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