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I hope everyone enjoyed the day and especially the great parade attended by many parents, grandparents and a few brothers and sisters as well.

All the teachers enjoyed the parade as well especially dressing up as Dalmatians!

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Please remember, you can always contact me or any of the teachers via our web page if you have any questions or would like to see the Technology Center.

Mr. D

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Kindergarten & First Grade
The Kindergarten, using Kidpix, the students learned about drag and drop procedures, sizing of pictures and movement of information on the screen.  From there we were able to create Halloween pictures.  I’m sure they’re hanging on your refrigerators right now.  Look for more in the future.

First Grade learned about placing words and numbers on the screen and in cooperation with Mrs. Nocchi, they will be creating addition problems using numbers and symbols to show the results. Of course, we took some time out to create some very scary Halloween pictures.  Did you see them?


Grades Two through Five

Second Grade continued with their typing skills and have progressed very nicely.  Now the students are not even looking down at the keyboard as they type.  Of course, we took a break from typing and created some very impressive art work for Halloween.

Third Grade learned about computer viruses and how they affect computers.  The symptoms are very similar to when we get a virus, like feeling tired, slowing down and just plain blah!

Fourth Grade continues with their Microsoft Word/Google Docs exercises.  This month we covered alignment (left, center and right justified) and inserting pictures into a document.  Transferring this same knowledge to Microsoft Publisher, the students made some very impressive Halloween Cards. 

Fifth Grade  learned about search engines and did a Halloween scavenger hunt as well.  They will be learning about the different terms and definitions in the computer world.  They will also receive study sheets and will be taking a test (on the computer, no more paper) in a few weeks.  Please make sure they study!

Grades Six, Seven and Eight
Grade Six continues learning about Microsoft PowerPoint and has created some basic two page presentations with animation and sound.  We will be using the Smart Board and each student will present them to the class. 

Grade Seven expanded their use of tables and created a document showing different geometric symbols within a table and even decorated them with pictures, shading and bordering.  They also created “Halloween” word searches for their prayer partners.  I’m sure they had a good time doing them..

Grade Eight continues to hone their Microsoft Word/Google Docs skills by typing, formatting, spell checking and grammar checking their work using specific documents to type from.  They also did a report on how Thanksgiving got started.


Mr. D
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