May is such a beautiful month during which we honor Mary, enjoy the fresh spring air, and appreciate the colorful flowers. Our students are working hard, despite their spring fever, and we are so proud of all of the work that is going on here on a daily basis.

Our Kindergarteners discovered one of the wonders of nature by watching caterpillars turn into butterflies with their classroom butterfly kit. They named their butterflies after Saints: Peter, Francis, Mary, and Rose and then released them in the Mary garden this week. Even our police officer and I each released one!


Our 7th Graders presented their renewable/alternative energy 3d models: Wind, Tidal, Nuclear, Solar, and Hydropower.

Kindergarten and 6th Grade Prayer Partners enjoyed an afternoon at the beach on a gorgeous day and had a blast together!

God Bless our Confirmandi!!

The final 3rd Grade Social Studies project for this year was a State Parade Float that represents one of our wonderful states. The teachers voted on their favorites for Funniest, Most Informative, Most Colorful and Most Creative, and the winners in each category will win bonus points. Fantastic work, 3rd Grade!!

Today, our Kindergarten students built bird nests by collecting twigs, grass, and weeds from around the school grounds. They have been following the Cornell Red-Tailed Hawk Cam for several months and have learned all about birds and their nests. These nests look like great places that any bird would love!

Grade 1 and 7 Prayer Partners enjoyed a gorgeous day at the beach and had so much fun spending time with each other!

This morning our 2023-2024 PTA Executive Board was inducted by the Diocesan PTA Monmouth-Ocean Regent. Thanks to these wonderful parents for dedicating their time and energy to our school!

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