Hi everyone, My name is Miss Olivia Cancellieri and I am very happy to be your First Grade teacher.  First grade is a very exciting year filled with many activities and experiences which foster both the spiritual and academic growth of each child. We enjoy each day together as we learn, celebrate, share and live our Catholic faith. Visit our webpage often to see what’s going on in grade one!


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Monday, September 26th:



Reminders – We have gym and library tomorrow. Please come to school in your gym uniform and please make sure to bring in your library book.

Tuesday, September 27th:

LA – for LA homework tonight the students have an assignment on Freckle they must complete. The assignment is on letters “s” & “t.” For instructions on how to login to Freckle from home, please scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page. I have attached their login codes to their pink folder. ***If you have any problems, questions, or concerns please email me!***

Math – red dot pg. 6

Reminders – 

Wednesday, September 28th:

LA – Read for 15 mins. In the book you choose to read find three words that begin with “r” and “e” and write them down on the paper in pink folder. 

Math – red dot wb pg. 7

Reminders –

Thursday, September 29th:

LA –

Math –

Reminders –



Monday, September 19th:

LA – write spelling words 3x each in spelling journal

Math – red dot wb pg. 4

Reminders – gym tomorrow…come to school in gym uniform. 

Tuesday, September 20th:

LA – write two sentences in fundations journal. One must contain the word “man” in it and the other must contain the word “nut.”

Math – numbers 1,2,3 worksheet practice.

Reminders – please bring in a smock for art class. 

Wednesday, September 21st:



Reminders – 

Thursday, September 22nd:

LA – write letters learned this week (f, b, t, m, n, i, u, o, c) 3x each on fundations paper lowercase and uppercase. Ex: f    f    f

b     b     b …..

Please also read for 15 minutes.

Math – red dot wb pg. 5

Reminders – 


Monday, September 12th:

LA – write spelling words 3x each in spelling journal.

Math – red dot wb pg. 1

Reminders – tomorrow is gym, so please come to school dressed in your gym uniform. 

If you did not send in your student supplies money or the green emergency card in from last week please get it to me by the end of the week.

Tuesday, September 13th:

LA – Handwriting workbook letters A-C (Some students have already started letter A. Please make sure all pages are completed).

Math – 

Reminders –

Wednesday, September 14th:

LA – finish our first grade nursery rhyme for “1, 2 Buckle My Shoe” complete for 5,6 and 7,8

Math – red dot wb pg. 2

Reminders – 

Thursday, September 15th:

LA – write spelling words 3x each in rainbow writing.

Math – red dot wb pg. 3

Reminders – please bring in headphones for ipads tomorrow. 



Monday, September 5th:

LA –

Math – 

Reminders – 

Tuesday, September 6th:

LA –

Math – 

Reminders – Please fill out Green Emergency card and return to school by end of the week. Please fill out permission slip for school trip and return to me TOMORROW!

Wednesday, September 7th:

LA –

Math – 

Reminders –

Thursday, September 8th:

LA – 

Math – 

Reminders – Please remember to bring in student school lunch forms by TOMORROW!


Freckle Login Instructions:


From a computer:

  • type or copy and paste website below:


or just search “freckle” in your search engine (i.e. Google, Safari, etc). It is freckle by Renaissance. 

  • Click on the blue box that says “Log In” in the top right hand corner.
  • Click “Student.” 
  • Enter the class code: cancep
  • The select students name.

From a Tablet or iPad:

  • go to “App Store”
  • search “Freckle” (it is the app that has pink piggy face)
  • Open app and type in class code: cancep
  • Then select the student.

*In the event you can’t find the app, then please login via search engine and follow the instructions “From a Computer”*

***Once you are logged onto Freckle go to “From My Teacher” (with the puppy icon) and the assignment should be there***

****There are also additional instructions on how to login on their login card in their pink folder****