Greetings from Advanced Math


The Stock Market Game has begun. All Advanced Math classes are “trading”. I am working on having a professional come and talk with the students. Whether this will take place in person or virtually is still up in the air. Last year we had our own completion and the seventh graders had an end of the game “party”. I am planning on doing that again. We are back to competing in both the spring and fall game.   At the end of both games whichever team has the highest percent of change will have a small celebration. More on that aspect as the year progresses.


Currently grade five is working with real numbers. The class is moving a bit slowly, but it is so important to get these basic down before moving into the more in-depth concepts. They are working with fraction. Grade six had their first test and did really well. We will be moving faster now. They will have a quick review of fractions and decimals and move right into Algebra. The seventh grade is working on basic Geometry, and by the end of this month will be back working with linear equations. Eighth grade is still working with linear equations AND will be for quite a while.


I am hoping to start some projects this month. Now that we are in full swing, I will expect my students to be working on more than just the basics. Be sure to ask what is going on.

Challenge Questions for the month:

Casey works in the Shore Bike Shop. Business has been booming. The shop sells unicycles and tricycles (no bicycles, silly right). On Friday they sold 20 cycles with a total of 36 wheels. How many of each type of cycles did Casey sell?


Arrange the following numbers 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 in a three by two multiplication problem where you would get the smallest product.


In His Service, Ms. Nancy Tancona