Spring is here and the Advanced Math class room is blooming with all kinds of activities.


Grade 5 is currently working on a WebQuest and creating a brochure about geometric figures in the real world. The sixth grade is just finishing up surface area and volume. They will be moving into statistical measures.  Grade seven has met Pythagoras and will continue to use his theorem in solving area of various triangles.   The eighth graders will continue with polynomials and solving.

Word Problems for the month of April.

The Professor of mathematics teaches two classes: 27% of students attend both classes,  39% of students attend only the first class. What is the probability that a student that attends the first class also attends the second class?


Lucy, Taylor, Carl, and Betsy are choosing study partners. In how many different ways can they pair up?


Mary earns $12.50 an hour. She has worked 33 hours this week. Her total deductions are $88.24. Find her net pay.


What is smallest positive odd integer you can get from the product of 4 different prime numbers if none of the factors is a 7?






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