Greetings from Advanced Math


The Stock Market Game has begun and all grades are (or will be within the first week of this month) playing the game. As I write this, one of the teams in eighth grade is holding the number one spot.


Currently grade five is working with real numbers, so they will be multiplying and dividing fractions and decimals.  Grade six will be reviewing fractions and decimals and will by the end of month the class will be in the awesome land of Algebra.


Linear equations is still the buzz phrase for both the seventh and eighth grade.  


I am hoping to start some projects this month. Now that we are in full swing, I will expect my students to be working on more than just the basics. Be sure to ask what is going on.



With Halloween around the corner I thought I would have some word problems that revolve round the “holiday.”

Every Halloween Small Ville sees about 384 trick or treaters and on average they collect about 135 pieces of candy each.  Halloween candy is usually purchased in bags of 15. How many pieces of candy were collect in all and how many bags of candy were purchased?


Brandon found both spiders and insects in the garage. If Brandon counted seven heads and 48 legs, how many spiders and insects were there?







In His Service, Ms. Nancy Tancona