Welcome back



Greetings to all my returning students and a special welcome to my new students.


It is difficult time in which we are living. The term “new normal” does not equate to all the changes we must endure. I am hopeful that we are can rise up and meet our new challenges together.


The first couple of days we will be working on getting use to each other and getting into the NEW groove. I will be working with all my classes to compare “How do we Measure up “.


We will register for our online assignments, revisit our Google classrooms, and practice using them.  


We will setup our teams for the Stock Market Game, but again this will be a little different. Teams will have to discuss and work virtually.


There will be a short review of summer work and the Summer Assessment will be given and then reviewed.  


September for grade eight will start with those lovely linear equations (gotta love Algebra) and grade seven will get their first look at solving equations. Grade six and grade five will start out with Number Theory. The sixth grade will be looking into whole number properties while the fifth grade will work with place value.


Please remember Back to School will be virtual on

September 17, 2020.

Watch emails for more information.






To start off this challenging, you will find I have posted a couple of word problems.  If you choice to accept the challenge, you are to work the problem out on a piece of theme paper and hand it in before the end of the month. If you are able to get the correct answer you will receive a point. These points will be calculated for extra credit points on the next test.  You may also be asked to illustrate how you achieved your answer, so parents can help but it you who should do the work.

Good Luck.



Kevy met 10 friends at the park. They wanted to stand in line to use the swings. How many different ways can they stand in line?


What is the GCF and LCM of the following numbers? 17, 13, 23, and 34.



What type of equation is used to solve for an unknown?



Look at the puzzles in Google Classroom, how many can you get correct?

In His Service, Ms. Nancy Tancona