Greetings Students and Parents,


During this month of Love, let us all try and remember the greatest love of all; the Love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We should all be showing His love to others.


During this month fifth grade will be statisticians.  The sixth grade is in the wonderful world of Algebra. The seventh graders are finishing up the basics of Geometry. Grade eight is looking into functions and polynomials.


We are all hopeful that the Spring Stock Market Game will bring better results than the fall game.  


Lastly as you are aware all Advanced Math students are registered and responsible for completing work through KhanAcademy. Please check the site and keep up with assignments. Assignments are now being graded on completeness. And as always NEVER spend more 40 minutes an evening on Advanced Math Homework.



February Challenge Questions


If Mary gross’s $21,450.00 per year and net’s $16, 861.52 per year, what percentage is she paying in deductions?


Two students measured the width of the classroom to the nearest unit. The first student used a toothpick as a unit; the second used a broomstick as a unit. Which student had a measurement that was more precise? Clearly explain your answer using words, pictures and or numbers.


Ralph has a piece of rope that is 23 feet long. He cuts the rope into 2 sections. The one section is 5 feet longer than the other. How long are the 2 pieces of rope?


Mary has decided that she cannot wait 2 years to purchase a car. She has decided to take a used car loan from her bank.  Her bank offers used car loans at the national average of 6.37% for three years. First figure out the total amount Mary will end up paying for the car and then figure out her MONTHLY payments.




Submitted respectfully while in His service,

In accordance with our Catholic Identity and rooted in Gospel values, it is the mission of Saint Peter School to provide a community of faith in which students will develop spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally.


Nancy Tancona

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