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As my friend, the Bard, said in King Henry IV, part I, . . .” the game is afoot”, . . . Grades sixth through eighth have started the Stock Market Game. As before, each class is divided into teams of two to five students per team.  Each year it seems to me that the SIFMA Foundation, the company that sponsors the Stock Market Game, makes the fall game shorter. This year the fall game runs from October 1st until December 7th. With that said, you are well aware that competing in the game is an added part of the curriculum; there may be some weeks where trading during class time will be impossible.  Good Luck to all the teams.

Currently advanced math classes are studying:

Grade 5 = Number System

                Grade 6 = Review of fractions and decimals

                Grade 7 = Intro to Algebra and number operations

                Grade 8 = Graphing and writing linear equations




Something I tried last year was to post a problem or two per month. Any student who completes the problem and gives their answer in writing, showing ALL work, I will award them with an extra credit point on their next test. Good Luck and have fun.



Leaf Stem
2 3, 4, 6, 7
3 3, 8, 8, 8, 8
4 1, 1, 5

                                                                                           Key: 2|3 = 23

The Stem and Leaf plot shows the number of points scored by the winning team in each of the first twelve NFL games played during week four. What is the ABSOLUTE VALUE difference between the mode and the median of this data?



The local tennis club started the year with 675 members. After the first month there were 690 and then 705 the next month and third month there were 720 members. When the membership reaches 750 the club will close enrollment. If the pattern continues in what month will the club reach 750?




The school store buys erasers at $2.88 per dozen and then sells them for $0.30 each. How much does the school make on each eraser?



What is the heading of this webpage? 





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