Welcome to Pre-K 3

Miss. Crawford


The PreK 3 curriculum promotes learning while helping to meet the various language, social, physical and cognitive goals. Students spend time actively engaged in working on mastering both gross and fine motor skills. Fine-motor activities, which are important for writing, grasping, and coordinating fine movements, include drawing, cutting, coloring, and gluing. Lessons include how to function in a group setting, while emphasizing behaviors such as sharing, turn-taking, cooperative play, transition from one activity to the next and following classroom rules. Learning through fun while providing structure in a loving, Christ-centered environment embodies the PreK 3 program. 


February Fun!

  • Letters of this month include: N, K, V and E. 
  • Pre K 3 has been working hard on number sense and recognition. We will continue to practice with various different activities and centers
  • Valentines Day, February 14th: Sending some love! Students will pass out Valentines Day cards they have made to each of their classmates in a mailbox we have decorated. Students will also celebrate with a class party filled with games and treats!
  •  Presidents Day: Students will be learning all about the job of a president. Students will be brainstorming how they would spend the day if they were the president!


  • Catholic Schools Week 2022: Sunday January 30th- Friday February 4th. 
  • We are closed Friday February 18th and Monday February 21st. 





For communication please download the Remind app for daily classroom updates ( class code: @he3328). You can also email @scrawfordstpschool.org for any questions or concerns