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7th Grade Math: Big Ideas Math Red

Students are finishing up Chapter 7: Triangles and Quadrilaterals

There will be a Chapter 7 Test on Wednesday May 10!


7th Grade Science: Discovery Education Types of Energy

Students are working in their groups to build their own Water Slide Model to test Potential/Kinetic Energy!

Students will be testing their models out May 12th! (Pictures to follow)


8th Grade Math: Big Ideas Math Blue

Students are working on Chapter 6: Functions

Homework for Friday May 5: Workbook p. 132

Chapter 6 Section 1-3 Quiz on Wednesday May 10



8th Grade Science: Discovery Education: Matter: Chemical Reactions 

Students are working on balancing chemical equations and identifying chemical reactions!

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Trout Watch:

We have 9 healthy Trout left in our tank! Each are about 1-1.5 inches long. Very soon, we will be switching to our last and final fish food before our release in May!!


6th Grade Science: Formation of Our Solar System

Students have been learning all about our Solar System: Planets, Sun, Moons, Gravity.

Students will have a Solar System Test: