Saw My Teacher on a Saturday

by Dave Crawley

Saw my teacher on a Saturday!
I can’t believe it’s true!
I saw her buying groceries,
like normal people do!

She reached for bread and turned around,
and then she caught my eye.
She gave a smile and said, “Hello.”
I thought that I would die!

“Oh, hi…hello, (Mrs. McDonnell,)”
I mumbled like a fool.
I guess I thought that teacher types
spend all their time at school.

To make the situation worse,
my mom was at my side.
So many rows of jars and cans.
So little room to hide.

Oh please, I thought, don’t tell my mom
what I did yesterday!
I closed my eyes and held my breath
and hoped she’d go away.

Some people think it’s fine to let
our teachers walk about.
But when it comes to Saturdays,
they shouldn’t let them out!




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