3/15 Good Evening,
Please check your e-mail to be sure you received the message below. Also, please be sure to respond.

Dear Students, Parents and Guardians,
First, I would like to tell you what a pleasure it is to be teaching even in this unique time. I have been brushing up on my Google skills and look forward to utilizing them in the next few weeks. I am sure each family will have its own needs, schedules and concerns during this time. I will do my best to continue the education process to the best of my ability as well as not add any undue burdens for your family.
I would like to begin this week slowly and simply on Google Classroom with at home reading assignments and worksheet or workbook pages to be completed. I will then be posting the answers or copies of the answer page for individual review just as we would do in, class. Perhaps later in the week I will schedule a time for live video review, discussion and classroom chat via Google Hangout or Meet. These apps are easily downloaded to your devices. Please notify me of any time constraints for video conferencing.
During this time of home instruction, personal integrity, the honor system, will be important. Keeping up with at home studies and completing work independently and thoroughly will be important for current and future assessments (tests). I will be available for any questions if needed and will provide times I will be available for needed immediate responses. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any reason.
I would like to be sure I have current and convenient e-mail addresses for all my students as well as their family and would ask that each student and each parent acknowledge receipt of this e-mail.
Thank you and God Bless,
Mrs. L. McDonnell




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Geography Games


is great for studying your geography!!!

On line geography games

On line geography games…practice for the annual geography bee !

This is the home page for the National Geographic Bee; you can navigate to most links from here


The Study Corner has sample questions and suggestions and also suggests the use of outline maps.


This link has sample test questions:


Geo Spy is a great game that I couldn’t stop playing!


Another site from about.com that gives tips on how to prepare for a geography bee


This is another great one that gives many top geography questions