This Week March 18th We Will:

Math –  Chapter 7 Statistics and Probability – Test 3/29

Drills of multiplication continue…remember your nightly practice on Xtra Math 

Reading – Me and Uncle Romie – Selection Test 3/22

Skill – Character, Setting and Plot 

Grammar – Chapter 6 Adverbs and Conjunctions Chapter Test 3/23

Spelling – Compound Words test Friday 3/23

Social Studies – Chapter 5 The Road to War – Test 3/28

Science:  Boston Tea Party Engineering

Religion – Chapter 10 The Second Commandment Test 3/20


Check out our creative Leprechaun Traps.  They were all so creative, colorful and AWESOME!  Even though we didn’t catch a Leprechaun, the students had fun making and presenting their projects and enjoyed special surprises that the Leprechaun left them.