School supplies are to be in school everyday.

Homework should be signed.

Tests are to be corrected, signed, and returned.

No written homework? There’s always something to study.

Independent Reading- You’ll need to have a book in your desk everyday this year.





Treat others the way you want to be treated,
we can have the best year ever.

Fourth grade is a year filled with work, fun, activities, and lots of opportunities for new experiences.


SAINT GREGORY’S FOOD PANTRY– Fourth graders run the St. Gregory’s collections throughout the school. Our class parents deliver the food for us. Our school works for social justice on many levels. This is an opportunity for even the youngest child to help others. Food donations are always needed and welcome. Thank you for helping us with this service opportunity. Our last request was for donations for Easter baskets. The response was wonderful! Thanks to your generosity, we were able to donate more than 40 Easter baskets. Every donation is much appreciated and put to good use. Please try to participate in this service project.

FLIP-TOPS– Each year we COLLECT FLIP-TOPS for RONALD McDONALD HOUSE. Our class mothers deliver our donations to RONALD McDONALD HOUSE in LONG BRANCH each summer. By recycling the aluminum in the flip-tops, the House earns cash that is then used to buy things like food and household items for guests needing to stay at Ronald McDonald House. Families staying at this facility while their children are ill and receiving treatment appreciate our help and support. We are proud to organize this service project for our school. Students in all grades participate in this project. Thanks to all, and please keep saving. Every flip-top is needed and appreciated. We have already filled our large container SEVEN times this year! Thanks to everybody who has brought in flip-tops. Keep up the good work.

RELIGION- In religion class we are studying the TEN COMMANDMENTS. We will study each Commandment individually after having memorized all of the TEN COMMANDMENTS. Religion study always includes holy days, saints, Sunday references, and related areas as they come up throughout the year. We are honoring Mary this month as May is the month of Mary, Our Mother. We will be praying the rosary together in class. This is an especially beautiful tradition in Fourth Grade.

BOOK REPORTS- Our next  report is our LAST BOOK REPORT for the year. It is our DRESS-UP BOOK REPORT on May 24. Students will read biographies and then dress as the main characters for the day. Each student will present an oral report of the book, speaking in character as this main character. This is a favorite report of many students. We look forward to admiring the outfits and enjoying the oral presentations. Usually the costumed fourth graders walk through kindergarten and grades 1-2-3 to let the younger students enjoy this project with us. Books are due for approval by May 17. 

INK- We now do much of our written work in ink. All students need a pen in class each day. Blue or black ink is acceptable. Written work completed at home, including spelling sentences, vocabulary stories, and book reports should now be completed in ink. Some assignments completed at home may also be typed. Students know that typing is an option, but that handwritten work is always acceptable.

MATH- We have begun using Xtramath to help us become faster at remembering and using our basic math facts. We have used this in class on our own iPads. Also, a letter was sent home to each Grade 4 parent explaining the program and including information each student needs to work on Xtramath at home. Some students have already earned certificates recognizing their mastery of the math facts. We are looking forward to many more certificates as students master their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. Students will use these facts for the rest of their lives. Mastering them now will be an accomplishment.