First grade is a very exciting year filled with many activities and experiences which foster both the spiritual and academic growth of each child. We enjoy each day together as we learn, celebrate, share and live our Catholic faith. Visit our webpage often to see what’s going on in grade one!


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WOW!  November already!  Time sure does fly when you are having fun! 


We will be busy preparing for Thanksgiving this month.  First we will help disguise Tom Turkey.   The hallway outside of our classroom will be decorated with our creative disguises.  We will be making a special Thanksgiving storybook to read to our kindergarten friends and then to our families on Thanksgiving Day.  We can hardly wait for our first grade “Favorite Foods Thanksgiving Feast” which will be held on November 20th. 


We are becoming such good readers!  We recently finished the first of 6 our reading anthologies.   It is so exciting when we recognize our word wall words in books and magazines.  Now we now know why Mrs. Nocchi stresses the importance of practicing our words everyday!  Some of our favorite ways to practice include playing the memory game, word scrambles and hangman.  We love when we beat Mrs. Nocchi.  She is happy too because that means we are learningJ!  Don’t forget to check-out and  .   These websites are great ways to practice the sound of the week and our word wall words. The “Show Me” app on our iPads is our favorite way to learn our new word wall words.  Ask your first grader to show you how we “tap” out words as they read. 



 We celebrated All Saints Day by making our own book of Saints.   In our daily religion lessons we are focusing on ways we can welcome Jesus into our lives everyday.  Some ideas include praying for others, donating food to Saint Gregory’s Food Pantry and being kind and helpful to others both at school and at home.  We also really enjoyed visiting Sister Pat at the Convent Chapel to learn how to pray the Rosary.  


In math we are learning strategies to help master our addition and subtraction facts.  We began our timed math facts testing this month.  Remember, counters and number lines are fine but please no fingers when figuring out the answer to a math problem!  Playing math baseball on  and feed fribbit are great ways to practice math facts.


Mrs. Nocchi has provided us with some really cool STEM challenges this month.  After learning about how cranberries grow we used cranberries to build 3 dimensional shapes and towers.  Next we learned about the difficult journey the Pilgrims endured and  were challenged to build our own “Mayflower” ship that could float while holding as many Pilgrims as possible.  We all agreed it was an awesome way to learn!


We are busy preparing for our annual Veteran’s Day Celebration. We hope you will join us at 9:30 a.m. on Friday, November 17th   as we honor the brave men and women who served our country.





Please remember to check your child’s supply bag to be sure he/she has everything needed including 4 sharpened pencils (with erasers) each day!  Replenish glue sticks and crayons, scissors as needed. 

 Please check your child’s homework folder each night.  Anything on the “Return” side of the folder is homework.  Please check that homework is done neatly and completely. Anything on the “Keep” side of the folder should be reviewed with your child and kept at home.


Please remember to send a healthy snack to school each day!

 We have had so much fun practicing skills on our classroom computers, iPads and the Smart board. Here are some of our favorite websites. Check them out at home!