Our Jubilee Gala took place on Saturday night, and it was a beautiful night of celebration for 100 years of faith formation and academic excellence. The Friars, Department of Catholic Schools, Current and Former Faculty and Staff, Parents, Grandparents, and Alumni all came together to honor and celebrate our fabulous school! Alumni from the 50s to the 2000s were represented and lots of fun was had by all! Many thanks to our Gala Committee: Megan Miller, Kristine Sciarappa, and Mike Mallon for a fantastic night! We are so proud of our school and look forward to the future!

The tremendous work that takes place around the school is incredible. Just look at what goes on in our Science Lab! From investigations with aquatic plants to volcanoes to earthquakes to weathering and erosion, to the Artemis Project in space using our Photon Robots, it’s quite impressive!

4th Graders created Mason Jar Ecosystems and did a STREAM project making Prayer Boxes.

Our 7th Graders have been presenting their Social Studies projects to classes throughout the school. Here we have a group presenting their Louisiana Purchase project to the Kindergarten. What a fabulous job!

We had a beautiful school Mass on Thursday led by our 6th Graders who did a wonderful job!

Grade 5 Language Arts class experienced what it was like to lose sight.  Compassion and trust has to occur between them and their guides. Character development in their current novel parallels this lesson of empathy.

PreK 4 read Rainbow Fish and created their own beautiful fish! They used celery dipped into paint to make the scales. They learned that each one of them is unique and special!

Peace and blessings as we continue on our Lenten journey and await Easter…Mrs. Kobrin 


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