Student Council Officers for the 2017-2018 School Year are…

Historian: Madison M.

Treasurer: Dominic D.

Secretary: Jordan H.

Vice President: Isabella P.

President: Liam H.

Governor Elections!

Governors for the 2017-2018 School year are as follows:

Kindergarten- Thomas B. and Tess B

Grade 1- Gavin R. and Isabella S. Alt- Morgan A.

Grade 2- Mary W.

Grade 3- Jack E. and Tori H.

Grade 4- Nolan H. and Maeve P. Alt- Sophia G.

Grade 5- Paige E. and Tommy M. Alt- James D.

Grade 6- Nicholas O. and Fletcher H. Alt- Michaela P.

Grade 7- Lean M. and Isaiah S. Alt- Lindsey B.

Grade 8- Alexandra P. and Patrick K.


The theme for this year revolves around kindness, in our country, to our furry friends, in our community and in our school. Watch the Communication folder for important news as we announce projects that will support our theme.

Our first Kindness Challenge of the year ended with a Rah Rah on Friday November 3rd. Combining points awarded for various spirit activities and the Cornucopia Race the 8th Grade took the Spirit Stick and the prize ( a homework pass!)

November finds us busy preparing for the Thanksgiving Holiday ! Donations to the Saint Gregory Pantry collection will count toward spirit points, each item = 1 point. The collection ends  on Monday, November 13th.


November 13th- SGP collection closes for November

November 16th- Bake Sale and Student Council Meeting