Greetings to all my returning students and a special welcome to my new students,

It is difficult to comprehend how fast the summer vacation has gone by, but I am ready and looking forward to starting a new school year. Last year was exciting and very productive. I believe this year will be even more enjoyable, but it will also be even more challenging.

The first couple of days we will be working on getting use to each other and getting back into the groove. I will be working with all my classes to compare “How do we Measure up “. We will register for our online assignments and practice how to complete them.  We will setup our teams for the Stock Market Game, and we will go over the Summer Assessment so each of you can see how you did.

September for grade eight will start with those lovely linear equations (gotta love Algebra) and grade seven will get their first look at solving equations. Grade six and grade five will start out with Number Theory. The sixth grade will be looking into whole number properties while the fifth grade will work with place value.

Please remember to share my introductory letter with your parents and remind them I am looking forward to seeing them all at Back To School night.




Submitted respectfully while in His service,

In accordance with our Catholic Identity and rooted in Gospel values, it is the mission of Saint Peter School to provide a community of faith in which students will develop spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally.


Nancy Tancona

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