Welcome to the Saint Peter School Nurse’s Office!

  1.    Allergy season is upon us, please be sure your child is taking their medication on a daily basis to keep ahead of the symptoms. Also, there is a great demand for tissues at this time, if possible send your child in with their own supply.  If your child needs any medication, prescription or over the counter, please have the permission to medicate forms filled out by your physician. Please bring the medication and the completed paperwork directly to the Health Office.
  2.     All students entering Grade 6 are required by law to have an additional Dtap if born after January 1, 1997 as well as a Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccine AFTER their 10th birthday. Please note that the timing is important, if the vaccination is given too early it is not recognized as compliant by the NJ State Department of Health. A reminder will be sent home in June. We ask that you remit this before the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year if possible. If insurance does not allow an exam by that time please contact the Health Office.
  3.     Track and Field Day is planned for May 23rd. Please apply sunscreen on your child before they leave for school that day.

As always if you have any questions please contact us in the Health Office.

Wishing you a happy, healthy May!