This Week October 23rd We Will:

Math – Addition QUIZ on Tuesday, 10/24 we will begin Subtraction with zeros

Drills continue with one more addition then subtraction…remember your nightly practice on Xtra Math

Reading – The Astronaut and the Onion skill Character

Selection test next Thursday 11/2

Grammar –  Pronouns this week is SPELLING Long i sound – test is on Friday

Religion –  Excellent job creating your own Personal Rosary Beads

Chapter 4 Our Conscience, Our Guide test on Friday 10/27

Social Studies – Chapter 2 – The Natural Regions of New Jersey

Science –  Chapter 13 – How Matter Changes – students will learn that physical changes change the way matter looks but not what kind of matter it is. 

We will discuss how thermal energy causes particles to move.

**Join us for family STREAM night on November 2nd, send in your registration form by October 26th**