Saint Peter SchoolWelcome to 2nd Grade!

This year will be filled with opportunities for us to learn and grow together spiritually and academically. In second grade, your child will gain more independence and begin to take on more responsibilities. Your child will actively pursue a variety of learning experiences that require your support and encouragement at home.

*Remember to always check your child’s supply box. They are to have 3 sharpened pencils, an eraser, glue stick, dry erase marker (preferably fine point), scissors, red pen, and crayons each day.




May is Random Acts of KINDNESS month!

Let’s spread  kindness like confetti!






Each week we will read a new story with new vocabulary and spelling words.

Each student has received a user name and password to access our reading series online. Click here to view our Treasures Book and additional resources.

Please ask if you have any questions about accessing this resource.

We are currently working on Unit 5- Growing and Changing. The comprehension skills we will work on are: sequencing, making inferences, summarizing, and drawing conclusions.

Chapter 7: MONEY & TIME!!  

This can be a very difficult concept for some students to pick up. Try to give your child opportunities to count money and make change as well as tell time.  For example, ask them questions like  What time is it? What time will it be in 10 minutes? How much longer until soccer practice? What’s another way to say 6:45?

Counting coins game:

Money Enrichment: This is a fun game of adding money –


Other online math math games to try:

Click on the link below to go to our math book online resources. 

Sadlier Math


Please continue working on addition and subtraction math facts at home. *Addition and subtraction math facts up to 12 need to be memorized.

Here are some great websites to practice math facts:,,

Some addition strategies we use:

Use the double facts. If 3+3=6, then 3+4=7 since 4 is one more than 3.

You can also do this with one less. For example, since 3+3=6, then 3+2=5 since 2 is one less than 3.

Think about all of the combinations for 10. We have spent a lot of time knowing the combinations that add up to 10.

Whenever adding 9 make it a 10 and then take 1 away from the answer. For example, 9+3=___. If 10+3=13, then 9+3 is one less or 12. We call this the 9 trick.

Think the larger number in the equation and then count up for the smaller. For example, 3+6 think 6 and then count up 3 more.

We are learning about motions in the sky…  Some main ideas we will be focusing on are: What makes up the solar system? How does the Earth move? How does the moon move? What are some stars you see?

Try to get outside at night and look at the sky. Discuss how the moon looks different. Try to locate some constellations. 🙂  Daytime fun? Trace a shadow throughout the day and see how it changes!


We will be learning about goods and services; Services in our community; Goods from a factory; A trip to the bank; How countries trade and move goods.

Second graders get see first hand what it’s like to work in a factory when they create their own assembly line to make a special goody 🙂 



**First Holy Communion dates:**

Practice: May 2nd 4-5:00 / Celebration: May 6th 10:00

Practice: May 9th 4-5:00 / Celebration: May 12th 10:00

Practice: May 9th 6-7:00 / Celebration: May 12th 12:00

(Please contact the office of Religious Ed if you are unsure of your child’s date and time)

Some additional websites that I recommend: